Phlebodium aureum ‘Blue Star’

Now that it’s getting colder and more grey and miserable outside, I’m turning my attention indoors for green inspiration.

I’m a huge fan of all ferns, but to me, the silver misted leaves of Phlebodium aureum seem even more special than most. I have one in my room and it has been gratifyingly easy to look after, thriving with the most minimal attention.


Like all ferns, it likes a moist, humid atmosphere, so ensure it doesn’t ever dry out. (but also don’t let it stand in pools of water!) It also doesn’t require much fertiliser, so don’t over feed it, perhaps just a couple of doses max, in the growing period.


It’s leaves are pinnatifid, with an elegant, arching shape. It doesn’t require much direct sunlight, originating as it does from deep rain forest. It is endemic to parts of the Americas, and is an epiphyte, meaning it lives harmlessly off another plant for the sole purpose of support and not negatively effecting them.  They draw their water and nutrients from the air, therefore when planting at home use as loose a growing medium as possible, such as for an orchid.


Their deeply curved leaves with their misty sheen look almost like seaweed, and the tentative, uncurling of it’s tiny, brand new leaves is beautiful.



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