Anthropology’s Plants


On a recent trip to Anthropology, to look at all the things I will never be able to afford, I was struck by their beautiful use of houseplants.

The shop obviously sells lovely things, but everything was really brought to life by the generous and verdant arrangement of plants they had introduced. None of the plants were anything particularly spectacular or unusual, but it showed what a striking arrangement can be created when plants are introduced into the home.

When most people think of houseplants, they think of the sadly abandoned Ficus gathering dust in the corner, or perhaps one long forgotten Cactus languishing on a bookshelf, but actually, plants indoors can add a tropical and luxurious feeling, reviving us and adding a feeling of freshness and life.


For example, this Monstera deliciosa. It’s hardly my favorite plant, but elegantly showcased on a table opulently piled with golden dining ware, it adds an exotic touch.

Likewise this Asparagus setaceus (left)It’s not exactly an unusual plant (though I personally love it’s artfully layered fronds of feathery foliage), but when sat next to gleaming gold cocktail shakers, both are complemented. And the Phlebodium aurea (right) looks beautiful sitting on that shelf.

Basically, I felt really inspired by the shops generous styling of plants; and when you have a lot of green and gold together, in my books, you’re always onto a winner!


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